Mystery Dinner


The scenario is easy: organize a dinner and invite your friends. Take an authentical outfit, feel the music - we grant the mystery! If you like board games, you have to take part of our Mystery Dinner with your friends! Solve an exciting mystery, ferret out a murder - or commit one! Book an event now!

One pleasurable restaurant, two hours experience, three course dinner.


Venues, menus

  • Normal menu: 3 courses, 13.990 Ft 6.980 Ft*
  • A'la carte: 16.990 Ft 10.480 Ft*
  • Premium menu**: 4 courses+ all you can drink from the wine of the house, soft drinks, draft beer 19.990 Ft 11.980 Ft*

* With the conditions of discount prices fulfilled. ** 50% of the full price is obligated to pay at least 3 days before the event.

We can take your predicted food sensitivity into consideration.


Puzzle Bar Event Center

Normal menu:

  • Pizzarolls with garlic sour cream
  • Cordon bleu with rice and pickled cucumber
  • Somlói dumplings

Premium menu:

  • Appetizer: aubergine cream with pizza bread
  • Soup: minestrone soup
  • Main course: Italian grilled chicken with tomato and basil spaghetti
  • Dessert: Somlói galuska
  • Unlimited drinks: wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea

Address: Esztergom, Lőrinc str. 6. Show me!

Chosen venue - All over the country (min 10 people)

térképRestraurant? Home? Office?
We can take the program everywhere and our game-master coordinates the evening!

Price of the program: 3.590 HUF/person 2.780 Ft/person, with the conditions of discount prices fulfilled. Catering granted by the customer.

Re-location fee: Travel expanses + 600Ft×travel hours. We can calculate the exact price after filling the appointment form. Re-location is free in our Mysterious Cities.

To the stories


Two categories of Mystery Dinners:

Roleplay: A night when you break out from the boring everyday life and take the skin of an other person. All the participants play as one of our created character (boss of the mafia, bootlegger, veteran solder, etc.) You have secrets, goals, tasks (get to know someone's secret, get rich, find the killer, etc.), what you have to solve by yourself and in the meantime you have to support/pull back/manipulate the other players. It is like the theatre - you are the actors and the audience also.

Logic Game: Do you love the excitement of the escape rooms? What would you say if now you do not need to escape, but you have to investigate during an enjoyable dinner? We create a cozy atmosphere where you can solve our mystery only with the tools and traces in your environment. Here you do not play a character, you have to work together with the others around the table and watch the signs. In the game instead of rolling a dice, you can go forward with solving creative logic exercises - what mostly lead you to a new brain-teaser.

Prohibition - Roleplay

After everybody arrived, the game and the dinner starts, then someone dies. Why? ...who did it? Questions fill the tense atmosphere. You have to figure out the answers for these questions with investigation - and the real killer has to divert suspicion from their horrible act... In the meantime everybody has their own secrets, missions... cabal, secrets, exposures, investigation, crime, dinner...

Limit of participants: 10-16 people
Agenda: We share the folders what include the instructions, tasks, secrets, goals and all the details about your own character. You get some free time and after all the players introduced themselves as their characters, the game starts.

Private event (minimum 10 ppl):

Murder for Dinner - Logic Game

Prohibition, America in the 20's, 30's. Gangsters, mafia, Dons... There is a murder during the dinner and your task to find the killer. After each course you get new traces and evidences what you only can understand and solve, if you cooperate with the other tables and with your company.

Limit of participants: 10-20 people
Agenda: With the first course the first trace is coming too what leads you to newer and newer tasks. While solving different riddles you can disengage the hidden locked evidence to ferret out the underworld murder till the end of the game.

Private event (minimum 10 ppl):

Dixieland - Logic Game

"What happens in Dixieland, stays in Dixieland." This discrete institution sells the merchandise in the less discrete place, in the center of the city. It includes the girls who can do everything for money, the alcohol which is prohibited since a few years ago, the forbidden drogs and sometimes even weapons change the owners. But now it's famous because of an other trait - it is a neutral place. As the two mafia bosses dead, chaos rules the city and the man only can feel safe in Dixieland. Everything goes back to the right way if someone grabs the power... Maybe this person will be you?

Limit of participants: 10+ people (even hundreds)
Agenda: With the first course the first trace is coming too what leads you the newer and newer tasks. While solving different riddles till the end of the game, you can put together the map of the city that helps you to find the meeting of the mafia families. The story has several different ends.

Private event (minimum 10 ppl):