Room of Mysteries

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Escape room - the most popular live game. You have 2 hours to escape from our Room of Mysteries, solving different logical tasks. With 120 minutes you can experience the longest logical room game in the biggest escape game in Hungary. No scaring, this is just an exciting game... What you will need: teamwork, creativity, good observation skill.

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The Exam - The biggest escape room in Hungary


The chaos extended with the death of the mafia bosses, who controlled the city. Everyone wants to grab the opportunity to be the new Don with bullets and gunpowder. As survivors in a failed reckoning, you barricade yourself from your persecutors. That was the worst idea. The abandoned storehouse where you hide, is not as safe as you thought...

The playtime is 120 minutes with 2-9 participants, 69 minutes with 10-20 participants.

Venue: Esztergom, Puzzle Bar, Lőrinc utca 6.

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